Soaring to Excellence?

I usually really enjoy the College of DuPage’s Soaring to Excellence teleconferences but today’s was not what it seemed. I thought that from the subtitle: “Meeting Needs Before They Need It” implied that the topic discussion would be along the lines of how to keep up with emerging trends in the library science market, coupled with recommendations on implementation. What we got was a whole broadcast on Community Informatics. While CI is somewhat related to libraries in that they facilitate community collaboration, the moderator (can’t remember her name) asked the question, “How does this relate to libraries,” or something similar at least three different times in the first hour and got different answers every time. It was really a disappointment. The best either of the guests could come up with was from Nancy Kranich, former President of ALA, who responded that libraries essentially were poised to be the center of communities.

Ok… I get it… what else?

We didn’t get much else. I gave it the first hour and left hoping the title for the next conferences in the series will be a little more connected to the actual topic.


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