So Where is Your Library?

Check out what LibraryThing has just added as of yesterday: LibraryThing Local. Man, this thing is awesome and super easy (I added my library in all of two minutes). I see huge potential in collaborating with other libraries and bookstores in the area. Now you can really know what your other local bibliophiles across town are up to.

It seems the next logical step is having a catalog search box embedded into each library’s LT Local page or (eventually) have a record in LibraryThing for the library’s holdings through batch loading. Too optimistic? Probably, but still fun to dream about.

Just one more way to get your library out there and connecting with users in non-traditional ways. And it’s COOL (I guess I just really love maps…).


4 Responses to So Where is Your Library?

  1. Yes, isn’t it easy? My library system has 17 branches and last night I entered one or two to see the process and before I knew it I had done all of them, plus a university library and a few bookstores. Adding a program is easy as well.

  2. Gerrit says:

    That’s awesome, Steve. I hadn’t thought of how cool this would be for branch library systems, too!

  3. David Layton says:

    It’s pretty fun. We just need to go through and make sure that all of the local libraries and bookstores are there. I entered a couple a few weeks ago.

  4. Gerrit says:

    Yeah, I noticed that the map misplaces UVU’s new library on University Ave instead of University Pkwy. It was cool to see so many libraries get placed on it so quickly. Doing a 100 mi radius search shows a decent amount in the Wasatch Front!

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