Twitter in Libraries

twitterSo I have been using twitter for a while and have been wondering about its usefulness in a library context.

I love that libraries use it to notify users of up-coming events or to remind users the event is about to start. Cool application. What about individual librarians?

Individual librarians generally share thoughts about their days with a smattering of links; admittedly some of this content is noise (of which I am a contributer).

The coolest power of twitter is still response-time to questions. Of course, this is only as effective as your followers (just like any social web application). If they are not listening or don’t know where to find the answer… you are waiting on nothing.

As more and more users turn to mobile devices this issue may be alleviated. The possible future: imagine really getting one-minute turn-around times on most questions. Today our best alternative is the listserv which can take hours or days to get a response.

This could help support f2f or virtual reference:

librarian: hold on a sec, lemme ask some other peeps

user: k

[librarian posts user’s question on twitter; get’s a quick response]

librarian: @coollibrarianhandle says you should go here http://tinyfakeurl…

user: gr8! ty

librarian: np

Again, this will depend on who you are following and who is following you and your/their activity level.

Share some other ideas on how to use twitter for libraries.


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