Getting Involved in ACRL (ALA 2008)

While at ALA I was able to go to the ACRL 101 session Saturday Morning.

The first part of the session discussed ways to get more involved in ACRL. One of the ways that I can really support is to read their blogs. I find I read almost every post from ACRLog because they are always so thoughtful and informative. The second part of the session was centered on how to negotiate ALA annual. Here are my notes from the speaker’s comments on ACRL and negotiating ALA Annual:

How to get involved at ACRL

  • people who are successful are attracted to other people who are successful
  • We want to learn
    • we have f2f
      • conferences
      • scholarships
    • electronic learning
      • on-point chats
      • spring board speakers
      • volunteers for podcasts/webinars are welcome
  • want to advance
  • want to have an impact
    • blogs
    • best practices in C&RL News (C&RL is the #1 publication outlet in our field)
    • 25 discussion lists
    • volunteer in over 50 different committees (New Member Wiki has info)
    • mentoring opportunities
    • enter your profile and photo on Meet our Members website
    • form an interest group
    • effective practices clearing house
    • become a legislative advocate

Advice for New Librarians at ALA Annual Conference

  • acronym list
  • map
  • you can attend anything that is not closed
    • awards committees/nominating committees are closed
  • still go to committee meetings
    • listen to their issues
    • find out where you might fit in
  • find time for yourself
    • personal health
    • take a swim in your hotel pool
    • visit local attractions
  • take notes: so much information
  • have business cards handy
    • jot down what you talked about for later
  • how do you choose what you do?
    • programs
      • try something you have never heard of; new perspective
    • exhibit halls
      • just take the free stuff you will actually use
      • use UPS/FedEx if you can’t fit everything in your luggage
      • you will also find chocolate
      • of course you can talk with the reps from publishers and vendors
    • networking
      • talk to people on the shuttle
    • tours
    • discussions
    • poster sessions
      • take the handouts so you can think about it later
  • make a schedule…then abandon it
    • pick out things that interest you…but sometimes you may not be right in your choice
    • don’t be afraid to walk out and go to another session
  • don’t stress
    • you may miss something but you can always email who offered the program and get info from them

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