Food in the Library

Last Friday our library staff went on a tour of some of the libraries in our area. The newest one on our trip, Utah Valley University‘s new library, had a cafe on the first floor and a food-anywhere policy. Some of our tour commented on that policy and speculated that UVU would revise that policy in a year or two.

Our next stop was the University of Utah‘s Marriott Library. They also have a food policy but food is restricted to only the first floor. This policy has been in place for over five years. I asked our tour guide how that has worked out and he said they have had minimal problems. Some chairs reupholstered, a few books rebound or repurchased, but no atrocity of real significance that had lasting impact.

If there are so few issues, why shouldn’t more libraries let patrons eat in the library?


3 Responses to Food in the Library

  1. jfwhite says:

    You know, Gerrit, I’m with you. I think it would be great if the library had an area where food was allowed.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    I think people would be inclined to stay in the library longer if they could eat – see what you can do:) You’re very persuasive!

  3. Gerrit says:

    @Justin and @Jackie, thanks for the validation. We’ll make it happen yet. 🙂

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