Life as a Library Patron

In the process I discovered something out already: only students can reserve group study rooms. I guess that makes sense…to be honest I felt kind of guilt setting it up because I knew I would be taking a room that students might need while I have a perfectly good office to meet with my staff.

Some things this concept could help change:

  • Outlet locations
  • WiFi coverage
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Comfort

Some things this just can’t fix:

  • Library OPACs
    • No matter how user-friendly we want our libraries to be, the OPAC will continue to be a huge obstacle
  • Restroom location
    • Not much you can do here without a lot of $
  • Speed?
    • We may not be able to improve how fast the OPAC searches…but could we find a way to streamline check-out or library card application?

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