LibraryThing’s Will You Like It?

Tim Spalding, founder of LibraryThing, just came out with a new recommendation tool for LT: Will You Like It? Essentially the tool looks at your library and decides based on other readers’ ratings and their libraries if you would like the book in question. Apparently I will hate the #3 book on the NYBSL right now: The Christmas Sweater.

This is sort of a surprise because I tend to be pretty sentimental (that and I read Dickens’ Christmas Carol annually). Spalding admits that this feature has some kinks:

How good is it? Meh. It’sokay.

This is a devilishly hard algorithm to get right. I have some ideas for improvement, but it’s fundamentally a lark and a conversation piece at present, so I don’t want to waste too much time on it.

Still something more that is fun about LibraryThing.


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