Libraries Loaning Kindles

I have been looking into the possibility of libraries using the Kindle to support circulation and Interlibrary Loan now for about 6 months. Now that Amazon has released their second version of the eReader, I thought I would share some of the things I have found on the web about libraries using it. If you know of others, by all means post in the comments.

New Kindle

Textbooks and kindle


licensing discussion private blog

more licensing

discussion on patrons purchasing direct with the Kindle and how to prevent this

new jersey library loaning kindle


3 Responses to Libraries Loaning Kindles

  1. Orion Pozo says:

    Hi Gerrit,
    I suggest you join or read the Facebook Group page: EBook Readers in Libraries.

    The Wall lists a lot of different projects using Ebook Readers.

  2. Gerrit says:

    Thanks, Orion. I added!

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