Librarian App: Shushes Instead of Searches

When I saw the tag line on this post, “Librarian is now LIVE on the iTunes App Store,” I thought, “Oh this will be interesting, another way to search for stuff from a phone or other personal device.” Not a new concept, but always interesting.


The entire app just shushes those around you if they are being loud. It is sad when this tired image of the shusher (re)defines our profession to the public. Even more ironic: one of the fans of the app calls themselves a librarian:

Please, please, please—-program this for the ITOUCH too. I love this idea and would love to use it in my library!!

I have written about the need for group work space in libraries but also how this trend has made some users even more annoyed with “loud” libraries.

Afraid this just reinforces the 20th century librarian stereotype.

Am I wrong in believing that librarians have evolved past this?

librarian shushing image from Guidance is Internal

2 Responses to Librarian App: Shushes Instead of Searches

  1. lkrier says:

    I find this an interesting topic, because librarians are all about changing our libraries to be more open, to allow conversation and group work, but I hear over and over from our patrons that they like coming to the library because it’s a quiet place to work and be alone. I think there are so few quiet places left in the world, maybe a lot of people really appreciate that about the library.

    • Gerrit says:

      I completely agree. The library seems to be one of the last bastions of silence. This is a perfect example of how we should not be too quick to completely abandon a traditional service in favor for contemporary expectations. I think users will continue to need the quiet spaces in libraries as well as the open collaborative spaces.

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