About SL

Welcome to Shaping Libraries, a simple blog about libraries and how technology is shaping the future of libraries.

Some History

For the past couple of years I have worked in an academic library and seen some interesting changes and watched as other librarians worried about the future. One retiree even went so far as to say, in effect, “Well, I’m glad I’m getting out when I am so I don’t need to worry about my profession disappearing.” I found myself wondering if my choice of profession was a wise one. It seems like many of our conferences and workshops have an undertone of “What are we going to do now?!” and for a newbie I started getting a complex!

As time went on I began to see that this really is an exciting time to be a part of libraries. There certainly are some things that can cause anxiety out there but there is also a lot of potential.

Why the Blog?

I decided as I watched my own opinions and thoughts grow over time that I would like a conceptual outlet where I could enter the conversation on the future of information.

I designed the blog to be a location to comment, discuss and explore issues in libraries, particularly library outreach, technology in libraries and the future of library science.

Thank you for visiting Shaping Libraries. I hope that you enjoy the discussions and feel free to offer your own thoughts.

Disclaimer: This blog is a collection of the thoughts and opinions of the author and is not associated with any institution or organization, private or public.


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