Facebook and Libraries

February 2, 2008

Is Facebook as a business working for libraries? While some question its effectiveness, it seems that there are plenty of libraries which use Facebook as just one more resource to reach their users. Even if only a small percentage of users find their way to the library through Facebook, those users have been served in the way they prefer.

Iowa City Public Library has a great example. I love how it has the app which includes its blogs. Great way to have access to all the library news. University of Winnepeg also has some cool stuff like the meebo app and the WorldCat search.
Aurora University Charles B. Phillips Library has one of the largest fan bases because they used an incentive: good ol’ Phantom tickets. Not bad. I love their banner: what a beautiful library space for collaboration.

Another nice idea comes from Sacrament State University: YouTube library video tour embedding. Deakin University Library has it’s own library catalog app which is pretty awesome.

Know of any other libraries who are using Facebook?