Personal Library Usage Costs

February 7, 2008

Michael Stephens found a link for a calculator of library services for the individual user. Estimating just what I used (and being conservative) as an Undergrad mine came out $847.35. Almost $900/month! I’m sure there are others who have imaginary debts amounting to more than ten times mine. The James Library at Rockingham Community College built something similar, too.

Michael asks:

An interesting calculator a library in Florida adapted from a Maine library system. Does it cover the right services you want to pay for? What would you add? What would you take away? Do you provide you[r] users with an annual report? How do [you] advertise the good stuff?

I think something that it is definitely missing is private study areas or Information Commons-type collaborative area costs. How much more would it be to use the library’s scanners and media editing programs? How much does it cost to maintain tables, cushy chairs, etc for individual study?

Our library also provides gadgets for check-out like laptops, digital cameras and even a Kindle.

Is there any value added to the library by providing something like this for them to play with and find out for fun what they are getting for free?