“Library Catalogs are Broken.”

October 1, 2009

“I hate the library!! Why are you telling me you have things when I can’t find them 😦 stupid system!” twitter user: andrewmoore24

OPACs continue to be obstacles to finding. Sometimes I wonder if our users wouldn’t just be better served by searching in WorldCat or Google and having a “Get at My Library” link which sends them back to the local catalog. I have written before about Bookburro. BB really does this well (for books only) from any site with an ISBN then uses WorldCat to point to local libraries. As a librarian I may be stoned for saying this but sometimes it is just plain easier and faster and yes, even more effective and scholarly (i.e., I find better materials) to not use our OPAC but start at Amazoogle for books. Until recently I had a similar sentiment for bypassing databases and going to GoogleScholar for citations but it has become so bogged down with unscholarly material (a pdf, ANY pdf, makes the cut) or books when I want articles that I am not as impressed as I used to be.

I feel sorry for our patrons.

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