Picture Books on the Kindle

March 31, 2009

As more and more traditional print publications begin to discard the print model and publish digitally, it seems that the last type of publication purely in an analog format will likely be the picture book.

Holding up a large book with bright illustrations and the touch of the pages as you turn them. The sound of the simple words as you read them out loud. The feeling of the child in you lap leaning forward to take in the whole scene depicted, eyes wide and intent. These are essential parts of the picture book experience.

Unfortunately, these are exactly the parts that ebooks and ebook readers cannot duplicate. Color is not so much an issue anymore now that the flepia has come out (undoubtedly other readers will follow suit).

Today, Amazon is advertising Curious George books for the Kindle so I thought I would share some pics of how it looks.

split title page02

split title page01

There is something missing when you have to page over to see a picture that is meant to be viewed as one combined image.

this book belongs to

This is possibly the most jarring example of how picture book conversion to ebook format is problematic. How does your four-year old scrawl her name on the line?